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British Science Festival Fringe

Published: 28 September 2015
British Science Festival Fringe

CLaSSiC took part to the the Fringe within the British Science Festival. A lot of people of all ages and especially little children approached the CLaSSiC stand to learn through different interactive activities about the interaction of light with the skin and how we can use light for regenerative purposes. They even built their own light-based devices for skin disorders!


Sunday 13th of September we took part to the British Science Festival.

We had our own stand within the STEM center, where families came around to enjoy science! We created a nice environment where adults and children could move around learning different aspects of our project.

Irene was showing 3D skin models: families could learn about the three different layers of the skin, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis and how it hosts hair follicles. A comparison with a skin burnt 3D model, which showed the three degrees of skin burnt was shown. She explained families the importance of sunscreen to avoid this effects but also the amazing potential the skin has to regenerate itself. 

Serena helped at the brightfield microscopes where human scalp sections could be visualized: people could easily understand the power of this optical tool that help to appreciate details of tissues and cells not visible by eye. She guided guests in understanding what they were looking through the oculars, enjoyng the surpise of people discovering how the skin looks like.

Charles was showing how light propagates in different medias, such as water and milk, as an example of what can happen in the skin. Furthermore, a light experiment showed how blue light but not any other wavelength can interact with Vitamin B, turning into GREEN when in contact with the dissolved molecule! This is an example of how we can use different wavelengths to target specific biological processes within skin cells and use this properties to develop light-based devices for skin disorders such as psoriasis, wound healing and hair regrowth.

A quiz about light and skin was given to the older children and adults: it bring a lot of interest and people were coming back to ask about the answers.

Finally, we invited children to participate in our “build your own home-used device” workshop. They loved to play with different color LEDs building all kind of structures with play-doo, cartons and many other tools! Some of them brought their creations home. The table was perfectly tidy before everything started and it became a complete mess when it finished which is just an example of the success of our little CLaSSiC stand!

320 x 240 320 x 240  

Thanks to all of you who came to learn more about our project and asked very interesting questions. Hope you learnt something with us.

The 36th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS 2016), Boston

The 36th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS 2016), Boston

Published: 28 March 2016

Two ESRs, Serena Buscone and Charles Mignon, as well as their industrial supervisor, Natallia E. Uzunbajakava, had three oral presentations during the annual ASLMS congress.

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