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9th World Congress for Hair Research

Published: 28 November 2015
9th World Congress for Hair Research

Serena presented a poster about the results of her first year of research within CLaSSiC at the World Congress for Hair Research, hosted in Miami:Can Hair Follicles "See" the Light? Analysis of Light-Sensitive Receptors in Human Hair Follicles . Congratulation also for the Travel Grant awarded with the European Hair Research Society. Check her report about the Conference.



I had the opportunity this year to take part for the first time to the biannual World Congress for Hair Research.

Hosted in the beautiful Miami this conference brought together hair biologists, dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and hair transplantation surgeons to learn, share and discuss about hair. Them of this year Congress was “Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE” and all attendees made a brilliant job showing relevant results for the advancement of knowledge in hair biology, or novel approaches when facing everyday challanges to give better solutions to people that all over the world suffer of hair loss. 

This conference for me has been the perfect place to learn about hair growth and disease, to meet scientist, dermatologist and people working in the cosmetic industry committed to hair research.

The poster presentation was not only the moment to present my data and our new hypothesis about light interaction with skin and hair, but also a privileged moment to talk to other scientists, address new interesting questions, and share technical issues and solutions (when you find some!).

I also had the opportunity to give a talk about micro-RNA in hair follicle aging, a side project that I'm involved in thanks to one of my supervisors, Dr N. Botchkareva, that rised several questions and interest from the audience regarding future therapeutical applications: Global microRNA profiling suggests their role in the control of human hair follicle ageing. 

I'm glad to be party of this research community and looking forward for the next meeting in Japan. 

I would like also to thank the European Hair Research Society that with the Travel Grant supported my experience in Miami.


The 36th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS 2016), Boston

The 36th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS 2016), Boston

Published: 28 March 2016

Two ESRs, Serena Buscone and Charles Mignon, as well as their industrial supervisor, Natallia E. Uzunbajakava, had three oral presentations during the annual ASLMS congress.

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